Portable drains for handling waste oil, coolant or antifreeze

Oil King under hoist in a service garage


There’s a durable Graco fluid drain for you

Regardless of your application, Graco has a portable oil or coolant drain designed to fit your needs. From automotive specialty repair shops, all the way up to massive car and truck dealerships, we have a drain you can scale to fit your requirements. As you grow, Graco’s alongside you with the industry’s largest catalog of products serving the lubrication marketplace. And, of course, Graco quality and reliability is built into every product.



Big Hauler Drains

Graco’s Big Hauler™ portable oil drain is designed for truck maintenance facilities. It’s 26-gallon (98 liter) capacity is made for oversized, heavy-duty vehicles. Conveniently roll the Big Hauler under the vehicle to collect used oil.


Graco Coolant King

Coolant King

Graco’s Coolant King™ portable antifreeze drains are built tough for busy shops. Each features oversized tires, push-pull handles and telescoping drain pans for ease of use throughout your shop. Built from a heavy-duty corrosion resistant polymer for a long life.



Oil Ace

Graco’s Oil Ace pressurized oil drains and engine oil extractors are designed to quickly evacuate used oil in the most timely manner. The Oil Ace features a large 24-gallon receiver with an easy-to-read liquid sight gauge.



Oil King

Graco’s Oil King™ portable oil drains are built tough for busy shops. Each features oversized tires and push pull handles for smooth maneuvering in tight spaces. The large funnel is equipped with a filter screen to prevent debris from entering the tank.