Half a century since the invention of the Artiglio and eleven years since the introduction of “Leva la leva” (leverless) technology, CORGHI sets the benchmark higher once again with the ARTIGLIO MASTER CODE.
With automatic wheel dimension acquisition enabling automatic tool positioning, and the invaluable Smart Corghi System demounting procedure, the MASTER CODE rewrites the rule book for tire changers, demonstrating once again Corghi’s unrivalled ability to continuously steer the evolution of the sector.
The goals set for these new machines were to achieve an even higher degree of automatism, to increase performance and efficiency with all wheel types and to reduce the use of that increasingly precious commodity – time. The computerized Touch Screen system guides the operator through all procedures and suggests the best possible solution to any problem encountered.
MASTER CODE is compatible with all tire types, from Run Flat-UHP tires to both small and large balloon tires.
This latest creation from CORGHI – THE ONLY INNOVATOR IN THE TIRE CHANGER SEGMENT – makes work safer, simpler and quicker for the tire service professional while ensuring total protection for the rim and tire.

the core of the “Leva la Leva” technology

The patented “Leva la leva” system with the “SMART Corghi System” device, the only existing solution that:
NEVER TOUCHES THE RIM, during any working phase
• annuls all tension on the tyre during the tyre demounting/mounting phases.

Artiglio 5000
New automatic tire changer with 3rd generation “Leva la leva” (Without lever) technology for vehicle, SUV and commercial vehicles wheels up to 28”.
The new demounting tool with LITE SMART CORGHI SYSTEM movement reduces the stress on the tire and NEVER touches the rim.
Numerous technical innovations: dynamic bead breaking device with double bead breaker disc, newly designed head unit (Patent Pending), wheel clamping with wheel support plate, optimized performance, reinforced structure, excellent ergonomics and user friendly commands.
All of this means a faster operating speed without risks for the operator and the rims, even during the most critical phases, plus great ease of use and universality – for equipment whose features can be used to the fullest.

Artiglio Master 28

The perfect synthesis

NEVER TOUCH THE RIM, during any of the work phases;
– cancel any tension on the tire during the demounting/mounting phases.
This is the difference between us and the rest.