Rolling Jacks

Nothing quite improves the functionality of a 4-post like rolling jacks. Eliminate the need to use manual and awkward bottle jacks and install a pair of rolling jacks – add an airline kits for a complete solution. These jacks roll easily along the accessory rail, and include extendable widths and adapters to ensure you are able to reach vehicle pick up points.

  • Available from 7,500 to 35,000 lb. capacity for easy access to brakes and wheels
  • Low-profile, adjustable heights allow for an unobstructed work space when not in use
  • Two-hand operation ensures safe use

Turnplates and Slip Plates

Build you own custom alignment lift or convert your flat deck or general service 4-post into an aligner. Increase your profits by adding functionality to your shop.

  • Available for 14,000 lb. to 30,000 lb. capacity 4-post lifts
  • 3D alignment capable
  • Available rear slip plates and stainless steel turn plates to complement your servicing needs


It’s easy to overlook ramps when considering alternatives for increasing production — after all, your 4-post already has ramps. However, supplemental ramps are an economical and simple way to increase your capabilities or efficiency. Extended ramps allow low-profile vehicles to quickly and conveniently be loaded onto your 4-post, while drive-through ramps prevent the need to back the vehicle off the lift – perfect for drive-through bays.

Air/Electric Workstation

Challenger’s column-mounted air/electric workstation places air supply and electric outlets conveniently within technician’s reach on a lift column.  The kit includes a filter, lubricator and regulator and allows air pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches to be kept always within arms reach.

Oil Drip Tray

This 32 gallon oil drip tray makes quick lube oil changes a breeze by making use of the accessory rails on your 4-post lift.