The 2030 HP is the strongest built, largest capacity, tilt back rim clamp machine available.
It handles wheels up to 26″ and by adding a simple economical expansion kit, you can increase up to a 30″ wheel. This machine has also incorporated an ergonomic adjustable bead breaker shovel that allows you to adjust the shovel upward to be on the centerline of larger diameter wheels. This machine can truly cover with ease the widest range and combination of wheels and tires of any machine on the market. Like all Corghi machines you get: Flexibility, Durability, Reliability at the most competitive price.
•  2 speed turn table 
•  Built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws
•   Unique mount/demount head does not touch the rim during operation
•   Locking handle locks head away from the rim
•   Powerful action bead-breaker blade follows bead to inside rim contour
•   Heavy-duty turntable rotates in either direction
•   Rebuildable stainless steel cylinders
•   Heavy-duty stainless steel turntable
•   Safe, fast, profitable and affordable
•   Pneumatic-locking mount/demount head
•   Sturdy tilt-back tower
•   Tire pressure sensor style rims changes safely

• Pneumatic powered
• Wheel and bead pressing arm
•  Bead lifter
•  Maintains bead in drop center
•  Eliminates bead stress
•  Eliminates wheel damage
•  One person operation to change even the most difficult tires
•  PAX capable with PAX kit
•  Rim clamping assist
•  Tire pressure sensor style rims changes safely

Corghi A2024LL

Automatic tyre changer with “Leva la leva” (leverless) technology

Tradition and innovation in a reliable and performing product